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Parsian Bank

Parsian Bank was incorporated in September 2001. Banking operation license was issued by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bank commenced its operations in January, 2002 by opening four branches in Tehran. In October 2004, Parsian Bank was listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange as the 401st listed company and the Bank’s share was traded for the first time on December 1,2004.

Novin Saffron

Novin Saffron Company commenced operations in 1992 with a clear mission: to pioneer the production and packaging of saffron using innovative methods aligned with both national and international standards. our focus includes extensive research on saffron, aimed at introducing Iranian saffron to the global market while spearheading fresh and innovative approaches in the industry.


Chinoti Company Manufacturer of food products including pumpkin snacks in different flavors…


Sarafraz Pars Industrial Development Company SPIDCO as one of the companies under Golrang Industrial Group, considering The country’s need to produce fertilizers, poisons and other agricultural chemicals,
this company was established in 2018, this company With the help of experienced experts, we started to establish a factory for the production of sulfur fertilizers and other chemical fertilizers (powder).